Apr 22, 2016
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Tour Wizard – the perfect solution for virtual tours

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Today I want to present you a new kind of software, that is very usefull when you try to sell any property and you need something capable of doing good impact. So, I am going to describe the virtual touls solution developed by TourWizard, which in my opinion is the best software ever designed for the people that need to promote real estate properties that are for sell or for rent.

The greatest thing that I have noticed from the beginning is that TourWizard it a very poverfull and versatile tool and at the same time it is very easy to use – it really seems that the development team has made his homework regarding the optimisation of the interface and the user experience. It is very nice that you don’t have to be technical at all in order to create your own virtual tour from a couple of well made pictures, and to be honest it can also be a lot of fun. Not only TourWizard is easy to use from the point of view of the one that creates the presentation, but this soution is also very nice looking in the frontend, which will make the viewers of the virtual tour that you can create to really appreciate the work you have done.

But, leaving the nice little things behind, it seems that this solution can be very good for real estate professionals, as you can brand your presentation, you can describe it, you can insert information related to the property amneties, yuo can integrate street view, you can show the open house Schedule, you can setup background music and much more. Even more that you have ever dreames.

And also, a major selling point is that the system si search engine friendly, compatible with smartphones and with all the mobile technologies out there.

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