Mar 16, 2015
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Digital Publishing Uncovered

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Traditional publishing services are still very much in demand in terms of newspaper printing, magazine runs and also book publishing. There is a very large audience that still prefer this method of delivery when it comes to media and these traditional methods of publishing continue to serve that market segment.

However, we are also seeing a large portion of the consumer base moving towards digital publications due to their convenience and the wide range of device in which such publications can be delivered to.

Consumers appreciate the fact that they can download and read publications of any nature from wherever they happen to be and in almost real time as well as leveraging the additional benefits that come with digital publications such as search, hot linking to external references and social media integration.

In addition to these benefits, digital publications allow the user to have access to a vast array of materials whilst taking up no more space than the footprint of their existing smart devices.

Turn-page are making it possible and in fact very easy and cost effective for traditional publishing houses to transition into these new methods of publishing with a bespoke software that can have any publication turned into a digital format complete with animated turning page technology practically at the click of a button.

Turn-page offers a very cost effective solution that does not require publishing houses to replace expensive hardware but rather allows for the continuation of existing methods of publishing whilst also offering the ability for those publications to be turned into digital format.

This digital publication can then be used to run alongside traditional methods and also enable an eventual transition into digital only publishing as and when required.

Some of the key features of the Turn-Page software include:

  • Responsive design – works on desktop and mobile
  • High resolution reading experience
  • Social media integration for users to share content
  • In publication search
  • Search engine friendly (All content can be indexed by the search engines)
  • Branded turn page
  • Streaming video integration
  • In-Depth Statistics
  • Email subscription and existing list management
  • Built in email marketing platform

Turn-page offers advanced digital templates so that the content from existing publications can be easily slotted in to pre-made digital books and magazines which provide the end user with an experience similar to reading a physical publication, including a visual animation of the page turning as the user progresses from page to page, whilst also allowing the reader to benefit from all of the features that are only possible with a digital publication.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the publications are search engine formerly and can be fully indexed, as the publisher you can take advantage of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo which can being large amounts of targeted traffic to your publications and also track and capture that traffic via the use of advanced analytics and built in email marketing software.

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