Mar 6, 2015
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Amazing in-car Technology from BMW

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the sole purpose of technology is to make our lives easier by using modern computing systems to automate and connect everything together in a way that is easy for us to understand and use.

The latest craze to hit the technology sector is something dubbed the Internet of Things – this is not simply a passing buzz but a real concept that is evolving every single day.

the concept of the Internet of Things or IoT as its better known is to have everything connected together via the Internet so that it is all accessible by us from wherever we are and also in order that our modern amenities are also able to communication with each other where necessary.

The IoT is a bit like telephony – when it was first introduced it revolutionized the way that we communicate with each other as human beings and today we simply cannot do without telephones – they are one the the main ways that we keep in touch with each other no matter how far part we may be at the time.

IoT as a technology is just like telephony except that it is an enabler for not just us as humans but for the items, possessions and things that connect our lives together – with IoT we can be in touch with our home, our car, our friends and almost every material possession that we own, wherever we are, via the Internet.

The automotive industry has really seen the potential in this technology and have embarrassed it with open arms. In particular luxury car manufacturer BMW have completely understood IoT and how it can be used for the drivers advantage.

BMW have dubbed their take on IoT as ConnectedDrive Services and using this technology they have made it possible for BMW owners to really connect their cars to the digital world around them as well as enabling in-car access from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Of course BMW are a luxury car manufacturer and have the resources and demand required to make use of this cutting edge technology where lower end car manufacturers don’t. However, that does not mean the technology is un-affordable for the masses.

Luxury and Sports Cars – a used bmw dealership in Toronto – have a huge selection of luxury sports cars including many BMWs with the most up to date and built in technology at affordable prices.

There are tonnes of features available with ConnectedDrive as well as other IoT like features that come with modern BMWs. We have highlighted some of the coolest features below.

Connected Apps

One of the key features available with ConnectedDrive is the ability to plug your smart phone into your BMW car and have access to important apps via the cars dashboard control system. this means that you can control the apps available on your phone, via the BMW control unit and display – making it save to interact with these services whilst in the BMW.

Some examples and uses of this connectivity are that it allows you to post to social media, manage your contacts, photos and many other things.

Email on the move

With ConnectedDrive you can also access your email and other messaging systems from your BMW control panel allowing you to communicate effectively regardless of whereabouts you are on your journey.

Computer to car transfers

In our opinion this is one of the best features of connectedDrive and what makes it a real early adopter of IoT technology and that is the ability to communicate with your BMW from your computer. Say for example that you are in your office, planning a journey and using Google maps to figure out the best route to take when you hit the road.

Rather than memorizing the route, writing it down or printing out instructions you can literally send the Google map from your computer to your BMW. When you get in the car it will have been uploaded to the in car navigation system ready for you to hit the go button and let your car direct you to your destination.




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