Mar 30, 2015
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Masspoint – online identity management – funded by Kickstarter

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Masspoint is a very cool application that has been created and developed by a tech startup in Denmark. The idea behind masspoint is to enable Internet users to manage all of their information in one central place. This includes account details, user names, passwords, email addresses and any other personal information that is stored within an online service.

With Masspoint, rather than having separate copies of your information stored all over the Internet in the various applications that you inevitably sign up to, you can have then all managed in a single central location.

With Masspoint managing all of your data across your online services and applications changing any part of that data is a simple case of logging into your Masspoint account and updating the record there. Once this record has bene updated Masspoint will automatically synchronize it across all connected services.

In addition to being able to manage all of your online information, users can also manage every account that is connected to the service and in addition can log in to all managed services using a global password thanks to the bespoke API that Masspoint have developed for connecting services.

With any online service security is always a fundamental concern which is why Masspoint have ensured that data is enrypted at every point during its transit through the system ensuring that your data is always completely safe and not accessible in any way by anyone accept you, the owner.

As well as managing online information and passwords, users also have easy access to service terms and policies of all connected accounts allowing for easy management and monitoring of all online services.

As the developers of Masspoint move into the design and implementation stages of the project they have turned to kickstarter in order to fund the project and bring it into fruition.

With the funds that will be coming in from the kickstarter project the developers will be able to launch the project in May 2016 – just over 12 months after the funding stage is complete.

In return for helping to fund this project, Masspoint are offering early investors various different benefits in return for their monetary input and these packages range from premium product access, early access prior to launch, an insight into the API system as well as partnership status. Each package that is being offered depends on the amount of investment that an individual puts into the project.

In the current technology landscape – with the Internet of things blooming and with every imaginable product and application now adopting the online “as a service” model of delivery security and online identity management is becoming more important than ever, making an application like Masspoint a very lucrative product for both service providers and Internet users.

This project is a great opportunity to get involved in a cutting edge tech project and witness its development, launch and success first hand.

Visit the kickstarter project page today in order to make your pledge and help to realize this amazing tech project.


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