Oct 15, 2016
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A game changer in file copy and replication

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File copy and replication is something that is no doubt responsible for many nightmares and headaches for IT system administrators all around the world.

Along with file copying comes so many problems – from the time it takes to copy files, to the recreation of file permissions after copying right through to that horrible realisation that you left the copy job running for 3 hours and it failed after 10 minutes.

Given that there are so many problems associated with copying and synchronising files it is really surprising that the niche is so stagnated. Even though there are loads and loads of providers out there, almost all of them are using outdated technologies and further more they are really not listening to people in the IT industry and as such they do not even understand what is needed and what is missing when it comes to file copying.

This is all made even more ridiculous when you consider that a lot of these providers are changing premium rates for their out-dated software despite its lack of features – and they can get away with it simply because there are no alternatives.

Well, don’t worry about any of the things any longer IT admins because there is a game changer in the marketplace.

Enter GuruSquad and GS Richcopy 360 enterprise

The company are called GuruSquad and they have come up with a piece of software called GS Richcopy 360. The software comes in two versions – a standard edition and an enterprise edition. There is also a lightweight version called GScopyPro that has a few of the features.

This article focuses on the two primary versions of the software as they have the most interesting features and they are really the inspiration for this article.

This software really is a game changer for two reasons

First of all the software comes with an extremely rich set of features that puts other software providers to shame – it is not only the fact that it has a lot of features for copying files but also that the developers have really listened to industry practitioners and have answered many problems that were associated with file copying. In addition, they have included up to date features such as byte level copying that make the software really useful in today’s technology landscape.

NTFS permission copying – this feature allows you to copy NTFS permissions along with the data and can really save a great deal of time when you are copying data in an enterprise environment.

Byte level change copying – This means that when you are dealing with large files you don’t have to copy the entire file every time it changes but rather you can just copy the byets that have changed. Not only does this make copy jobs much faster, it also means copying data over the WAN is much more efficient.

AES 128 and 256 encrypting support – This is another feature that many providers neglect to provide, but one that is becoming more and more important as more industries are requiring far stronger security policies to be in place.

For a full list of features visit the product comparison page here.

Secondly the software is extremely well priced – unlike most IT software developers Gurusquad have made it their mission to provide affordable software that whilst being enterprise grade software can be purchased and used by all different types of businesses regardless of whether they are small, medium or large enterprises.

When you put the amazing features together with the low cost you can understand how amazing this software is and how much of a game changer it is. Gurusquad are not only forcing industry professionals to take notice of their software, they are also forcing industry developers to get their act together and start producing relevant and up to date features in their own software.

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