Mar 9, 2015
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Why Buy Twitter Followers

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twitter-117595_640Despite the thoughts of many Twitter has really stood the test of time and is one of the most loved social platforms on the Internet today.

The great thing about Twitter is the diversity within both its user base and its functionality. Not only is it a truly social platform used by people to keep in touch with their friends and family, but it also acts as a bulletin board for the latest news – often in real time – and it acts as probably one of the most direct forms of communication between consumer and business.

Using Twitter for Marketing

From a business perspective Twitter is very useful for marketing because of all these benefits mentioned previously. Put simply, as a marketer, you can put your business in front of this diverse set of users whilst targeting them exactly by location, interest and many other metrics and you can do all this with a very low budget.

The most important way of achieving this is by using Twitter – getting on the platform, being involved in the conversation, following people and hoping that they will in turn follow you back.

That’s all very well if you want to just sit back and watch the followers trickle in, hoping for the best, but as a marketer you will often want to stimulate this process in order to speed up the response rate and in turn the success of your marketing efforts.

social-media-432498_640One of the ways that you can do this is to buy Twitter followers – some of you may be familiar with this practice and some of you may not but it is exactly as it sounds; there are providers out there that will produce, procure or manufacture Twitter followers and then sell them on to you thereby inflating your follower count.

In the past there was often a need to provide account credentials in order to have these followers delivered to your account but these days it is done in a different way without the need for any account details to be handed over at any point.

Companies like TwitVader will simply deliver the desired number of Twitter followers seamlessly to your account over a period normally somewhere between 24 and 72 hours.

Why should I buy Twitter followers?

The practice of buying Twitter followers is a little bit like talking up your business when you are out with a friend or client – its a way of making your brand look attractive in order to create a buzz around your product, your presence and in turn to attract more followers and new conversations.

bird-590019_640Many people from users to businesses and even celebrities buy followers for this reason and mixed in with other social marketing efforts it can really stimulate your account to new growth and effectiveness.

In addition to creating a hype around your account you can also buy followers for the purposes if increasing your Twitter followers purely for logistical reasons. If you have ever reached the dreaded 2000 following mark whilst your followers are trailing somewhere behind then you will appreciate this. In that particular situation Twitter will not allow you to follow any more people unless you either un-follow some other users to bring your following count below 2000 or you wait until you have over 2000 following you back.

This can be really frustrating and buying Twitter followers is a very easy way of getting around this problem.




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