Apr 25, 2015
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New Meet and Compete App brings locals together for pickup sports

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It is all too often that we here about how technology is having a negative impact on fitness and health. The most common reasons for this center around people using electronic devices instead of getting out and doing physical activities.

In light of this fact it is refreshing to see a new app for iPhone and Android that promotes health and fitness whilst also being really cool tech. The name of this new app is Meet & Complete and the concept behind the app is to allow users to arrange and take part in sporting activities of all types.

Whether it be a game of football that is being organized amongst friends or a basketball match that needs a few more players  Meet & Complete is the perfect app for easily putting any game together quickly and efficiently.

As an organizer you can post the details of the activity on the app under various different sports categories or in other if it doesn’t quick fit any of the categories. As an attendee you can then browse through the available activities in your area and select to attend which ever one sounds most fitting.

The app allows you to easily post an unlimited number of activities and equally you can easily browse through all of these activities either by category or using a map interface enabling you to see which activities are being organized in your area.

The app is completely free and is available from both the App Store and coming very soon to Google Play.

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