Nov 7, 2015
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Is anyone tracking your Android phone?

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Privacy is one of the biggest issues on cell phones and in case you are wondering whether somebody is tracking your phone or keeping an eye on your phone, then you keep trying to figure out how you can discover whether your phone is being tracked or spied on. There are numerous tracking phone applications and people can without much of a stretch install them on phones of other users keeping in mind the end goal to screen them.

Here are a few tips that will offer you some assistance with determining whether your phone device is being spied or tracked.

  1. Weird behavior from your mobile device.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized approaches to detect spyware is to check for abnormal or unusual behavior from your phone device. On the off chance that there is spyware or phone tracker software installed on your device, then risks are your phone will act odd. Your mobile device may light up all alone, shut down consequently or make unusual sounds.

  1. Draining your phone battery.

Another helpful approach to figure out whether somebody is spying on your phone device is an increment in battery use. After using a phone for two or three weeks, people get some answers concerning the battery patterns and they know their normal battery life.

In the event that your mobile device is all of a sudden encountering a lower battery life, then your phone is most likely being tracked. Spyware and tracking applications can deplete your telephone’s battery, exceptionally in the event that they are running always in the background.

  1. Strange noises during your phone calls.

Search for bizarre noise or sounds amid phone calls. On the off chance that you hear beeps or whatever other sounds amid phone calls, then this can mean your calls are being recorded. Call recording applications can make such noises. Additionally, if the call quality has abruptly intensified, this can likewise imply that your phone calls are being recorded.

  1. Random shut down.

Spyware and tracking applications can cause arbitrary reboots and shut downs on phones. In the event that you trust that your phone’s product is steady and upgraded, then irregular reboots or shut downs can mean your telephone has tracker software installed. A precarious outsider application may likewise be creating this.

To be sure, uninstall the application that you believe is causing the irregular shut downs. On the off chance that despite everything you encounter random reboots and shut downs, then your phone device is most likely being tracked or spied.

  1. Search for weird text messages.

Some spyware applications can send bizarre text messages on phones with distinctive codes or images. In case you are accepting such messages on your Android cell phone device, then there is a chance your telephone is being followed.

  1. Data usage higher than usual.

This is also a truly helpful component in figuring out if your phone has spyware or tracking software installed. Spyware applications can use a ton of information to convey your telephone’s data and an increment in your telephone’s data usage can likewise imply that your telephone is being followed.

In case you are not confronting any issues from the rundown above on your Android cell phone device, then there is most likely nothing wrong with your device. In the event that, on the other hand, you are confronting one or more issues from the rundown above, then the following step would be to remove the spyware. You will have the capacity to do this by resetting and updating your mobile device or through outsider anti spyware and antivirus applications.

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