Mar 20, 2015
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WordPress Communities plugin comparison

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Building a community centered web platform is a very popular choice for many web-masters and there is good reason for this. Social networking is one of the most vibrant niches and is constantly growing due to the appeal that it has amongst the Internet community.

Whilst static websites and great for gleaning basic information, the average Internet user is asking for a new type of Internet experience, centered around social interaction, and this need is being satisfied by popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

There are two very popular plugins available for WordPress that will make the job of developing a social media platform far easier and more efficiently than would be the case if it were developed form scratch.

As is always the case with the modern Internet, rather than developing similar products over and over again, companies are providing a suite of tools, often in the form of wordpress plugins, that allow developers to draw from a pool of modules, options and features in order to build the platform to their exact specification, whilst also separating the design, functional and contextual layers. This system of development allows for a completely unique and brandable site to be created over and over again using the same foundations.

User Pro

The User Pro plugin describes itself as the ultimate user profiles plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers a comprehensive list of features and page designs that allow for the creation of a social media platform with the exact features and layout that are required. As standard the plugin comes with front-end registration, membership directory,  front-end profile display, follow/unfollow functionality and various other features.

There are quite a few additional modules including messaging, social wall and user ratings system that can be purchased as additional add ons to the main product.

Users Ultra Pro

The Users Ultra Pro plugin actually offers a very similar concept to Users Pro in that it provides a comprehensive platform for the creation of a social media based web platform. However, Users Ultra Pro is much more focused on the social media experience and really presents itself much more effectively to this end. Unlike Users Pro this plugin comes built in with all of the available features in one single price package and where User Pro is more of a framework in order to create any type of user oriented site, Users Ultra Pro is really built specifically for social media – offering all of the features out of the bos that you would associate with other popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Feature Comparison

 Feature  User Pro Users Ultra Pro
User Registration  Included as Standard.  Included as Standard.
 User Directory  Included as Standard.  Included as Standard.
 User Profile Display  Included as Standard.  Included as Standard.
Follow / Unfollow  Included as Standard.  Included as Standard.
Payment options with paypal  Additional Module @ $15  Included as Standard.
Users Rating  Additional Module @ $12  Included as Standard.
Media Manager  Additional Module @ $13  Included as Standard.
Private Messaging  Additional Module @ $16  Included as Standard.
 Social Wall  Additional Module @ $15  Included as Standard.
Total Cost $99.00 $49.97

Looking at the price comparison chart it is clear that Users Ultra Pro offers a superior value for money giving the buyer all of its features for a single price of $49.97 whereas User Pro with the same features would end up costing $99 – almost double the price of Users Ultra Pro.


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