Feb 21, 2015
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Managing your digital life with Todoist

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In todays technology driven and fast paced world managing your diary and in fact your entire life can be a great stress. If there is one thing technology can definitely do for you its to make that challenge easier.

There are loads of calendar, task list and diary based apps out there – some specifically to use on your computer, some that work with your smart phone and some web apps that work from any device.

We haven’t come across a better app yet for managing your diary, your life and your day to day tasks than Todoist.


Todoist is a fantastic app which as you can probably tell from its name is meant to act as a digital to-do list. It does much more than that however – not only can you organize day to day tasks into projects and “labels” but you can also configure recurring tasks, events such as birthdays, color code everything to make it easy to view, view by day, week or longer, create filters for particular task groups, set reminders and even collaborate with others.

All of the core functionality of the app is available in the free version – yes there is a completely free version of this app! If you want the advanced functionality which includes reminders, larger project and task limits and support then you should go for the premium version which is only 18GBP per year. For the features that come with this app that amount is very much worth it.

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