May 15, 2015
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HoloNumber – The Private Phone App

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HoloNumber is expected to be a revolutionary app like no other that has been released onto the market to date. The concept of the app is similar to many others and will be used for making and receiving calls on your smart phone but the thing that makes it unlike any other app is that it does not use data or wifi but rather makes use of your existing GSM connection (the same connection you would use to make standard calls).

What this means is that there is no requirement to have a data signal or a wifi link and in addition it does not cost you anything in terms of data usage like most other calling apps do.

Another great thing about the app is that it integrates seamlessly with your smart phone and will allow you to make and receive calls even if the app is not running.

Despite all of these great features the app is very low on battery consumption, only activating itself when its actually being used. This makes its battery overhead near zero.

Once the app is installed you can configure one or more phone numbers – this could consist of a temporary number that you want to use for a specific purpose and then get rid of as well as perhaps a business phone number for giving out to specific clients only or simply a second number that you want for a specific purpose.

The great thing about the numbers is that you can get country specific numbers for over 80 countries and all of the numbers are disposable – ie if required you can purchase them only for a specific time and then remove the numbers when you are finished with them.

There are no up front costs involved with the app it is simply a pay as you go service meaning that you only pay for it when you need it.

The app does not currently have a release date but will be available soon in the Apple store as well as Google play store. You can sign up for updates via the app developers website so that you are informed as soon as the app goes live.

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