Mar 17, 2015
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Why SMS marketing is taking off

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SMS marketing is still very much a new area of technology for many business marketing departments – although the technology has been around for a long time it has traditionally been an older technology that did not fit in with modern online services such as email marketing.

Over recent years this has changed dramatically and now SMS marketing can be directly linked to Internet technologies making it available as an online and easy to use platform for businesses and marketing departments alike.

Companies such as Collstream have brought SMS marketing to the masses, providing an easy to use online portal that facilitates the management, sending and tracking of marketing based text messages.

This new method of delivering SMS marketing services to business has made the medium as accessible and easy to control as email marketing was in the past and has facilitated a vast take up in the technology for marketing departments due to this fact.

Aside from becoming much more accessible as a marketing medium in recent years, the real turning point for SMS marketing and the reason why it is becoming such a popular choices for both small and large businesses is due to the great benefits as a communication method that it has over email and other formats.

Fast delivery

SMS communications are very fast not just in terms of the time it takes for a message to be delivered but also in terms of how long the average user takes to open an SMS message. To put this speed of delivery into perspective it is estimated that around 97.5% of SMS messages are read within the first 5 seconds of being received. This really does make it one of the fastest methods of communication between business and consumer.

reliable delivery

SMS as a form of communication is also extremely reliable, especially when compared to other popular communication methods such as email. In fact the average response rate for SMS is 28% compared to a much lower rate of 2.6% for email marketing. In addition, only 20% of marketing emails are ever read which is far lower than that of SMS messages.

Direct contact

Aside from the speed and response rates, one of the key advantages of SMS marketing over email is the direct line of communication that is opened up with SMS – the typical smart phone will alert the user in real time when a text message is received due to the fact that it is one of the core communications methods for most phones and one that has superseded most of its counterparts. Compared to email which is often delivered to a third party applcation and not read until the user physically goes into that app and checks for new mail, SMS really is one of the most direct forms of communication that a business can open up with its client or potential customer.

Reliable delivery

In addition to the other benefits of SMS as a form of marketing the reliability of it as a communications medium also surpasses that of other marketing channels. In particular, the fact that users generally receive much fewer messages through SMS than they do through email means that a text message is often more trusted and also more likely to be seen than marketing messages sent through other mediums.

vast audience

Lastly the audience available on the SMS platform is extremely vast – it is estimated that smart phone penetration within the UK is now around 81% and an astonishing 91% of these smart phone users consider SMS messaging as being one of the primary uses for their smart phone. These figures enforce the fact that SMS as a marketing medium allows the sender to reach an extremely large audience compared to other mediums.


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