Sep 7, 2016
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An overview of Bookmax online bookmark manager

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Bookmax is an online bookmark manager that will change the way you use the internet. The concept of bookmax is very simple – it is an online service that allows you to keep all of your bookmarks and internet shortcuts organised in one place.

Why do I need Bookmax?

This service is fantastic for anyone that uses the internet regularly and needs to keep track of various websites that they frequently visit.

Of course you can do similar things with your own internet browser – in fact almost all browsers come with a built in bookmark feature. Browsers such as Chrome go one step further and even allow you to sync your bookmarks between devices.

So why is Bookmax better?

Bookmax is far superior to these built in bookmarking tools that come with most browsers. The simple reason is that there are so many more features that come with this service than with any built in equivalent.

One of the key features is the ability to really organise and document your bookmarks. For example you can easily set up nested folders for all of your internet shortcuts and you can also give your bookmarks titles, descriptions and color coded references.

All of these additional features may seem like small things but added together they really make this service very valuable and they honestly will change the way that you use the internet.

Just speaking from personal experience, I have never really used built in bookmarking tools up until now because I just find them very static and unfriendly to work with. Up until Bookmax I have just kept useful internet sites listed in files and folders on my computer. However, since finding this new tool I have used it religiously and with great success. It is the first tool of its kind that I have found to really make a difference and to really make organising internet shortcuts easy.

Tagging / Dynamic references

This feature alone makes it totally worthwhile to use and is something that adds a new level of organisation to your bookmark storage. Tagging allows you to include one or more references to any particular bookmark as well as to sets of bookmarks. Tagging makes your bookmark storage much more database like than standard flat file storage would do.

To put this in to context, when you store bookmarks (Or anything else) in a folder like structure you tend to have one location for each bookmark. For example, your bookmark for Google might be in a folder called search engines. And that is the only place it is located – because you don’t want duplicates right? But what if you have another folder called SEO and you want to keep all of the search engines in there that you are trying to rank on? You would either have to have a duplicate, or just go without. Tagging removes this problem – with tagging you can add many tags to each bookmark and then you can find those bookmarks either by their location in the folder structure or by any of the tags. This means that you can keep your link to Google in the search engine folder but you can also tag it with “SEO” meaning that when you browse by tags and click on SEO you will also find that bookmark and any other bookmarks with that same tag. This allows for dynamic storage and gives you the ability to reference link and find bookmarks using multiple criteria.

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