Jul 19, 2016
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Why have great hosting is so important

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Having a great hosting provider is key to any website. A web hosting provider is the foundation for any brand or business or even personal venture. If your host isn’t up to the mark you can lose thousands per minute even in some large cases. Here are some things you must be aware of.

Always try to make sure your hosting provider and domain provider are either different or on separate accounts. The trick usually is to offer you a free domain but this can be a trap for many because the domain is only free as long as you are with that particular provider. If you want to change providers due to any reason you might have to pay a large sum to buy the website back from its original owner. You need to be wary of this. A very commonly used marketing tool.

Another things that is very important to note is the disk space and bandwidth terms. This is something to be wary of especially if your site becomes extremely popular overnight and it’s a platform where people upload stuff to or there is inherently a lot of content. You need to make sure you don’t have to pay a hefty sum for any data transfer fees. These are just a couple of neat little tricks you need to be aware of. Another major thing we would recommend is try to utilize long term contracts if your host is trusted only. If you trust your host and it’s a reputable source don’t be shy in tying down whatever you are in need of with them.

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