Jul 6, 2016
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fun refreshing game: Bus simulator

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If you are just looking for a fun refreshing game to play while you relax, or if you are a game addicted and are in dire need of something new, then Bus simulator racing could be the perfect option for you. The game graphics are very good with the 3D environment providing a beautiful gaming environment. Test your reflexes and ability by challenging yourself and comparing your score in a global ranking system.

Screen_4The aim is quite simple which is to deliver passengers to their school on time. The challenges however are not so simple. With many real life situations and obstacles such as narrow brides and water lined roads, you are in for an absolute treat. You can steer the bus by merely tilting your phone or tablet. The timing is everything in this game. The simulations environment is further complemented by soothing orchestral music and real engine sounds.

Even if you don’t take our word for it, just download the game from the google play store for free and give it a spin. It is almost guaranteed to take up a lot of your time. You will be constantly engaged and will have loads of fun. This game is suitable for adults and kids alike. Especially if you are having a lazy Sunday. What better way than to put your phone or tablet to good use. You can also read other multiple reviews in the play store itself. A very telling one we though was the one where a user mentions the game is a lot harder than it looks. This is quite apt considering the simple animations and environment involved.

Racing games are incredibly fun as they bring out the competitive side of people unknowingly. Even if a person says he or she has no competitive side, hand them this simple game and they will turn into an avid contestant. The graphics are very physics based which helps you get acclimatized to the controls fairly quickly.

Windy bridges, wild weather are just some of the obstacles awaiting to test you out. You might think drifting or steering is easy until you encounter a narrow bridge or two where timing is everything. You will have a multitude of levels and missions that you can unlock to further the experience. This game is even cooler when you have a tablet. The developer’s universal games have ensured the experience is consistent in smartphones as well as tablets.


We would highly recommend you check out this game especially if you like to travel a lot or have a fair bit of time to kill in a hotel. The bus simulator racing will keep you hooked. You can also contact the developers to suggest ideas they can incorporate into the new versions of the game. The game is pretty hot right now with downloads about to cross the 1000 mark, even though it has been out for a short amount of time. From 3 year olds to adults, it’s time to get your racing gear on and conquer your next challenge. Click here to download from the play store.

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