Jul 8, 2015
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How Wireless Technologies Changed Our World and Why We Will Not Go Back

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Do you remember when everything needed to be wired to work? Back in the day, phones, computers, video game controllers and a lot of other objects needed to be wired to work because there were very few wireless technologies at that time and tech was not as advanced as it is today. Back then, no one cared because they assumed that it was how things should work. Could you imagine your life without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other wireless technologies? I certainly cannot and many industrial sectors would agree with me. In this article, I will talk about a few industrial sectors that benefited from the emergence of wireless technologies.


The transportation industry benefited a lot from wireless technologies. Indeed, GPS and other wireless technologies made it easier for truckers and other transportation workers to get directions towards their destination. The days of relying only on a paper map are no more (although you should keep one as a backup plan)! Nowadays, we only need to take our smartphone, go to Google Maps, enter the address where we want to go and follow the directions to get anywhere on the best route possible.


Another sector that was enhanced by the invention of wireless technologies is security. Indeed, advancements in wireless technologies lead to better equipment which made dangerous workplaces safer for the people who work there, especially lone workers. One example of how wireless technologies can be used by a lone worker who is facing a threat is the wireless panic button. When employees face a dangerous situation, he or she can press on their wireless panic button to send a distress signal to a central receiver which will then send the location of endangered employees to people who will be able to help. I bet that people who work in places such as psych wards, prison or youth centers would not go back to a time where they could not request backup with a wireless panic button.


Finally, the industry on which wireless technologies arguably had the biggest impact is the telecommunications industry. Indeed, when we think about wireless technologies, we immediately think about the services that this industry provide such as Internet and cell phone. In the first years of Internet, it was slow and you needed to plug a network cable from your phone to your computer to use it. Today, we have fast Internet via Wi-Fi, cable free! Also, how many people did you know that did not have a cell phone at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 2000s? Probably a lot. Now, how many do you know that do not have one today? You can probably count them on the fingers of one hand. With the arrival of the smartphone revolution started with Apple’s first iPhone, wireless technologies for smartphones exploded. The end result is that we can now stream Full HD Netflix movies on an LTE network on our smartphone. How great is that!

This concludes our article on how wireless technologies changed our world and why we will not go back. What is your best old technology story?

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