Jul 12, 2016
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Get real time info on local events with scenenavi

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If you have a buzzing social or business life, you are in situations sometimes where you are alone or have no idea which is the place to be at any time. If you are out with a few mates, most often you will hear a question like this… Let’s check the scene in Club X and then head over to Club Y and see which place is alive and buzzing? This is a very common issue and can be quite time consuming and even disappointing if you do not know where the crowd is at.

All this is about to get a lot easier with a new app called scenenavi. It lets you view where people are at based on their own updates and you can even communicate with them. You must be thinking right about now, oh I am sure there must be a detailed profile process etc.… etc… Well scenenavi lets you skip all of that too. If you are new to a particular place then this app is ideal. You can use if for the opposite function too and you can know when the beach is overly crowded and when it’s not. Instead of asking strangers and trusting their word on where all the best parties and gatherings are. You can simple hop onto the app and analyse the data.

This is equally applicable for business lunches also. The entrepreneurial space can sometimes get quite lonely and you will want to may be have lunch or a dinner with someone like minded instead of ordering room service. You can see what people are saying and find which restaurant has great feedback that particular day. It’s all about increasing the probability of you having the experience that you want at any time. You might even increase the chances of meeting a person who shares a million dollar idea or ideal with you too. The possibilities are endless.

A good vibe is essential to socialize, but this could vary based on the individual. That’s why the app lets you even rate experiences and people based on what they have said. If a person comments about an event in an extremely positive way and you follow that advice and are severely disappointed you can rate that too. This way you can get a nice pattern and understand people who have similar tastes to you too. You can socialize even while you are chilling. This is a truly amazing app that takes socializing to the next level by utilizing technology the right way. The data collation is for an amazingly practical purpose and enhances the amount of fun you have.

Next time you’re out and about in town and are looking for the sickest party in town or the best play on Broadway you know you can count on scenenavi to give you an accurate representation of the scene so that you never have to sit around in a dingy bar waiting for the crowd to come in.

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