May 18, 2017
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3 online tools for your productivity at work

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In everyday life, you are usually ought to process information : quickly, efficiently and professionally. Whether via our social networks, our e-mails, or internet searches or exchanges with your colleagues, friends or relatives, not only, it is vital to be competent to process and filter information with appropriate approaches but also having in hand an online tool to do so is a real advantage.

Nowadays, on the Internet, several free online tools are developed which can help you to be more efficient. Whether you work in an office, a student, a teacher or even an artless internist, we will show 3 online discoveries that could be useful for you.

SmallPDF: the solution for your pdf

When at work, when surfing on the Internet, during your business activity, you always ought to manage pdf document. Throughout your document managing, you might come across difficulties with format conversion, weight or optimization for your need. You can manage that kind of problem in the site, which proudly proposes, effortless and playful functionalities for your document process. You will compress, convert, unlock or split your PDF document with a few clicks. You will save a lot of time because you will not install anything on your device!

It is also possible to adapt your word, jpg, excel, and ppt files to a pdf format and vice-versa. Brief, a real compatible tool for your document processing.

There is also a paying version for professionals working on storing and exchanging pdf online.

Resoomer: get the essentials of your text!

Once a time, everyone has thought or dreamt to get directly to the essential of a text. Getting a summary that contains all major points? More than one, in fact! That is for : an automatic summarizer for your texts. As an intelligent virtual semantic analyzer, it is able to take up the most significant points of your texts, to contracts it and then to give you the essential.

Effortless, useful and totally free, copy and paste your text on the site, and it will generate a summary containing the most important ideas of that text. It is very practical to deal with daily information or when surfing on the internet because of its simple accessibility without prior registration. Avoid all needless passages of your texts to read it quickly and so, save time. This online office tool will detect the main ideas of your texts. Today, all texts written in French and English languages are being exploitable.

Scribens: spell checker

Before sending an e-mail or after writing an article, you always wonder: Did I do spelling mistakes? If you hesitate, it is useful to get on hand a spell checker to correct all of your negligence: Scriben, the spell checker can do the job for you!

With this online small notepad, just copy and paste your text on the site, it will identify your faults and at the same time shows grammatical and spelling rules to make you understand them. It is a perfect tool (even pedagogue) for you who have to write many texts every day but avoid mistakes for your image. There is a paying version but this free one is very good itself.

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