Feb 21, 2015
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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

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There are many benefits to cloud computing but not all of them are obvious ones and not all of them are restricted only to large corporations wishing to reduce capital expenditure.

In this article we will address some of the key benefits that cloud computing has to offer as well as some of the implementations of cloud computing that show these benefits.


The really great thing about cloud computing is its flexibility – this is a key factor in many different ways and it really is the main advantage of cloud computing over anything else.

Not only are cloud computing platforms by definition easy to expand and decrease in terms of power, they are also accessible from anywhere and from almost any device that has an active Internet connection.

In addition to power and access flexibility, the configuration possibilities are also endless – unlike a physical PC or physical server with a cloud environment it is much easy to spawn new virtual machines, workloads and other computing instances on the fly.

Upfront Cost

It is a common misconception that cloud computing is a cheap option – it can be in certain scenarios but it is not necessarily. One thing that cloud computing definitely does bring is minimal or no up front costs – for a typical business entering into the cloud computing arena there is no longer a need for the purchase of expensive hardware or software – instead these things are handled by the service provider.

Disaster recovery

Due to the nature of cloud computing backup strategies are easier to implement and disaster recovery is much more efficient. This is partly due to the fact that virtual machines have many more backup options and also due to the fact that due to the fact that cloud computing environments are normally situated in data centers you can leverage both space benefits and Internet speed and stability benefits where you could not in a typical “on-site” environment.


One of the off shoots from a cloud based environment and the fact that it is accessible anywhere and from almost any device is that collaboration is made much easier and much more natural.

Both users and management can communicate much more fluidly and easily on a cloud based system which ultimately will lead to increased efficiency all around.

security and administration

On a cloud computing system administration and security are just as crucial as ever, but administrative tasks (from an IT viewpoint) are much easier due to the accessibility of the system – administrative tasks can be carried out anywhere and at any time which leads to security becoming much more tightly and easily controlled.

work from home

Cloud computing really has fueled the “work from home” and “bring your own device” ethos and has once again increased work efficiency within companies due to the greater flexibility in which the staff are able to work.


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