Jun 16, 2015
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Is cloud storage more secure than you think?

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There is a real buzz around cloud storage these days and it seems like everyone is trying to push it as the next big thing. The functionality of cloud storage is unquestionable – it is far more flexible in terms of the amount of data that can be stored and it is much easier to access that data. Not only can the data be accessed by the owner but can also be shared out as required to friends, family, colleagues or even the general public depending on requirements.

The one issue that always hangs over cloud storage though is security. People are often worried that data stored in the cloud will be less secure, susceptible to loss or theft and this dissuades people from using such storage.

The reality though is that data stored in the cloud is actually far more secure than data stored anywhere else. This is easy to understand when you get away from the concept of the cloud and understand that the cloud itself actually runs on physical hardware the same as any other computer. With this information in mind it is easy to understand that the cloud actually brings all of the benefits associated with its name whilst also keeping all of the benefits associated with a physical computer system.

So what makes the cloud so secure?

Enterprise class hardware – the cloud is built on enterprise hardware – everything from the physical servers themselves to the switches and right through to the physical building (the data center) is enterprise grade and has been built with security and durability in mind.

Enterprise security hardware – Cloud systems are always built with security in mind and utilize enterprise class security such as advanced hardware firewalls, Stateful packet inspection and intrusion detection systems. This type of hardware is not affordable to small businesses with onsite infrastructure but is a benefit that comes as standard with the cloud.

Physical security – Cloud services are almost exclusively hosted within data centres and as such the security of the physical building in which the hardware is stored is second to none. Data centres have to adhere to very strict security standards and often have multiple security measures such as perimeter fencing, 24/7 monitoring, fully restricted access as well as a full audit trail for any access that is granted. This makes the cloud extremely secure in the physical sense when compared to any other type of computing environment.

All of these points together make the cloud a very safe medium for storing data when compared to the alternatives. Add that to the functionality provided by cloud services and it makes cloud services the best option by far when trying to send data between parties.

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