Nov 27, 2016
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Hyper-Converged Systems

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Sometimes it’s difficult to handle the different technologies individually. In the traditional converged infrastructure, all the resources are handled through a discrete component which helps in serving a singular purpose. Only one system or technology can be handled at one time through this infrastructure and that is quite a difficult task. In converged systems, different components are just combined together to work well but in hyper-converged systems are module based and they work through different modules with a software oriented system. Hyper-convergence can be defined as a software oriented infrastructure which helps in integrating the storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources.

Hyperconvergence has a lot of benefits in the market. It helps in reducing the need for different discrete components. After the implementation of Hyperconvergence infrastructure, the system can be handled through software oriented virtual machine and there will be no need to handle the system through hardware. Hyperconvergence infrastructure supports the availability and reliability of common data center. Different modules in the systems can be handled through a single software and these modules will be packed and connected in a very formal way in a box-like a chassis. It helps the different organizations in achieving the real results from their data centers. There will be no need of extra experts to handle the different hardware. It will provide the solution in the form of a software and different modules can be handled through that software together. These are the few benefits of Hyperconvergence.

Hyperconvergence is becoming the need and requirement of many companies due to its simplified and useful structure. It is helping the companies in reducing the cost and handling the systems easily. But every company should check the requirement of the systems and hardware before implementing this infrastructure.

If your business is looking for a hyperconvergence based vendor, you should take a look at Stratoscale Symphony. Stratoscale Symphony is a hyperconvernce solution that can be deployed on any commodity X86 hardware. It includes a defined storage layer above an integrated hardware and system stack. Stratoscale Symphony simplifies the IT processes, saving expenditures on staffing, and shortens the deployment times. Stratoscale enables organizations to achieve true value from their data center investment.  Hyperconvergence advances you one more step towards offering a public cloud experience within your data center. With Stratoscale Symphony’s hyperconvergence-based and comprehensive data center solution, you can benefit from the speed and ease of use of the public cloud offerings.

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