Mar 16, 2015
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How small businesses can leverage cloud computing

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As UK broadband speeds are increased, especially within the business sector, and software defined computing technologies are becoming more and more common within a data center environment, cloud computing is becoming more attractive to businesses both small and large due to the fact that it enables businesses to leverage powerful computing technologies without the capital outlay and high level maintenance requirements.

Where historically server hardware would all be kept within the business in terms of control and also physical location there is now a visible shift away from this strategy due to the many advantages of its alternative.

The reason we are seeing this shift is simply because the capital outlay required for such hardware to be purchased, installed and managed on site out ways the benefits and now that broadband speeds are fast enough to access much of this data over a secure remote link, having this hardware housed in a data center and often having it owned and managed by a third party provider is much more cost efficient and also productive.

Cloud computing doesn’t just involve the implementation of expensive private cloud solutions and can actually benefit small businesses with lower budgets in many different ways.

Cloud computing as a concept is simply the leveraging of advanced computing technologies in order to provide computing resources to companies from a centralized location.

An example of a business application that can be leveraged using cloud computing technologies is email. Where this would typically involve a large capital outlay for servers and expensive email software by companies every couple of years, providers such as Microsoft are now offering the same enterprise email solution but via a software as a service delivery model.

This model allows businesses to purchase these enterprise solutions on a monthly cost per user allowing for very flexible deployment as companies grow or shrink in size.

In addition all of the management, backup and recovery procedures are managed by the vendor (Microsoft in the case of their office 365 email solutions) which also means a reduction on the IT workforce required by the company employing these solutions.

There are many other cloud based services that are provided using a similar model and they range from CRM solutions to accounts service right through to the delivery of data backup and recovery as a service.

The advantages of these new solutions are very clear and the granular way in which they can be provisioned and also billed for means that they are very much accessible to small businesses in exactly the same way as they are accessible to larger enterprises.

That being the case, cloud computing has never been so easy for small businesses to take advantage of and when you look at the alternatives the advantages are very substantial indeed. offer many cloud computing services to both small and large businesses in Manchester and throughout the UK and can tailor these solutions to each client on an individual basis and to best suit their budget as well as their requirements.

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