Nov 5, 2015
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Get a free SharePoint hosting

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For those who are new or just about to start exploring SharePoint, it would be a great idea to get a free SharePoint site. You can check out the various features and capabilities of SharePoint at no cost.  You will have to just ensure that the free version you are signing up for is 100% functional, like the one you can find at

One of the first things that you need to do after you have your free SharePoint site is to create a project description for it. This will explain the objective of your site to the visitor and set the expectation right. Your SharePoint site will have a Ribbon at the top, which contains all the editing and other operation buttons, much similar to what you would see in any Office 2007 application like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Once the project description is written up and displayed on the home page, you can link your project workbook to it.  As the project description would only be a brief summary, the visitor can navigate to your project workbook that will contain more in-depth information and full details about your project.

You will find that SharePoint makes it real easy to upload, save, store, track, and manage files, documents, images etc. You could store a logo on SharePoint and call it to your homepage, to have it placed just above the project description. Of course, this is just the standard position and you can have it placed as creatively as you wish. What’s more, you could even get the standard template image replaced with any other unique image that you choose.  All of which means, your SharePoint site can be as individualistic as you want it to be.

If you prefer videos, it is best that you set up a completely new page for videos. All you would need to do is add a Web Part to have the video displayed on the page; it should take you no more than a few minutes to do this on your SharePoint site.  Same goes for documents too – the Document Set feature of SharePoint lets you easily manage huge collections of documents as a single “entity”, in other words, a single set. You check out a set, and all the documents of the set get automatically checked out so that you can manage it conveniently.

There is a whole lot of other such interesting possibilities with SharePoint, and you can start exploring with free SharePoint Hosting from CloudAppsPortal. You will also find dozen of helpful SharePoint videos, screenshots, and guides that will make things easier for you.

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