Feb 28, 2015
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Real-time media buying platform Bidable

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If you run or manage any type of website or online presence for yourself or as an online marketing services provider then you have probably had experience of media buying.

Anyone who has operating in this area will know that media buying is fraught with hurdles, road blocks and hidden obstacles that can make it a real unstable method of advertising.

The truth is though, whilst it is unstable and can often go wrong, media buying can also be one of the most fruitful methods of online advertising and can not only help to build your brand and better your website but can also drive targeted traffic in huge volumes when you get it right.

The pitfalls of course come about when you purchase media space at an agreed rate and it turns out not to be worth anything near that rate resulting in a waste of advertising budget and very little to show for it.

There are many agencies and media buying networks out there that aim to prevent these booby-traps by offering a unified platform whereby advertisers and buyers come together and advertising space is brokered in a more controlled and regulated fashion. This sort of system is fine but often ends up with advertisers paying an extortionate premium to the platform itself so it still doesn’t end up being that cost effective.

Real-time media buying platform

the concept of real time buying or RTB changes this landscape completely. Bidable have developed a media buying platform that used real time buying technologies and advanced algorithms to match advertising space to buyers at the correct rate in real time.

This system means that as an advertiser you always get value for money and never pay a penny over the fair rate for any space that you purchase.

The great thing about this service is that there is no minimum to open an account meaning that small businesses can get in at the same rates as large enterprises and still benefit from the bidding system.

Easy campaign setup

The Bidable platform is built around an easy to use dashboard style backend which is extremely intuitive and allows you to have your first campaign set up in a matter of minutes. Once the campaign is up and running everything can be monitored and fine tuned as necessary.

Real time bidding technology

The Bidable platform takes advantage of real time bidding technology that is normally reserved for high spend advertising platforms and makes it available to everyone.

Granular targeting

The real gem within the Bidable advertising platform is the granularity with which you can target your advertising. Rather than simply selecting to display your adverts on particular websites that are related to your niche you can actually target specific user groups by various metrics as well as restricted your advertising display to certain devices and to certain time frames (only within business hours for example).


When you deposit funds into your Bidable account, a fixed percentage is added to your purchase amount, after this the entire remaining budget is used for all media buys with no hidden costs.

guide to signing up

The best way to test out this fantastic advertising platform is to sign-up and get to know the system. Registration only takes 5 minutes and you will then have full access to the RTB dashboard where you can set up test campaigns and get a feel for how the system works before depositing any funds.




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